ASINTEL is numbered 9808 on the Register of Telecommunications Installers, qualified to perform the following work:

  • Type A: Installations in telecommunications infrastructures for buildings.
  • Type B: Installations in telecommunications systems.
  • Type C: Installations in audio-visual systems.
  • Type D: Installations in radio electric signal emission centers.
  • Type E: Telecommunications installations in moving vehicles.
  • Type F: State-of-the-art infrastructures in buildings (fiber optics and CCTV, amongst others).

ASINTEL is on the Register of Business Classification to do different kinds of work and services, and we are on the RELI (Electronic register of bidding companies), in the following groups:

  • P 1 Group: Maintenance and repair of equipment and electronic and electrical installations.
  • V 3 Group: Maintenance and repair of equipment and telecommunication and computing installations.
  • V 4 Group: Telecommunication services.
  • V 5 Group: Service for exploitation and control of telematic infrastructures and computing systems.

ASINTEL is numbered 163 on the Register of the CNMC (National Markets and Competition Commission, formerly known as the CMT) as a Telecommunications Operator, to offer the following services:

  • Mobile terrestrial radio communications for a closed group of users.
  • Network utilizing common use DPR.
  • Internet access provider.
  • Resale of transmission capacity/circuits.
  • Voice telephony for a closed group of users.
  • Interconnection of local area networks.
  • Telephone on the data network service with interoperability with the telephone service available to the public.

In the areas of Quality, Environment and Prevention, ASINTEL is the holder of the following certificates:

  • Since the end of 1998, quality certificate to ISO9001; in 2001, re-certification to ISO9001:2000; and since 2010, re-certification to ISO9001:2008 by Intertek.
  • Since March 2007, we have been environmentally certified: ISO14001 and now, re-certification ISO 14001:2015 with Intertek.
  • Since February 2011, the Risk Prevention system: OHSAS 18001:2007; and now, re-certification to ISO 45001:2018 by Intertek.

ASINTEL is also registered and certified in:

  • CETIB (Guild of industrial technical engineers of Barcelona) with number 2056.
  • REAS (companies certified to carry out/perform work in the construction area) with number 09000032696.
  • REIE (electricity installer companies) and the RASIC (industrial security agents of Catalonia) with number 005000302.
  • REIC (industrial companies of Catalonia) with number 000308236.
  • Achilles, certification in docuplus S&I with number 950124.
  • Achilles, certification in RePro with number 300406.
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).
  • It holds a civil liability policy for €1,100,000.
  • Voluntary agreements to reduce C02 emissions.
  • Environmental quality guarantee label.

ASINTEL is APPROVED and REGISTERED (with all of the documentation, experience and knowledge that this implies) to perform supplies, installations with work at a height (communications towers), in confined spaces and to maintain different systems and infrastructures for companies, such as:

  • Communications operators: CELLNEX TELECOM (TRADIA, ON TOWER and RETEVISION), ALPI (ORANGE), AXIÓN, etc.
  • Private companies: ANAV (Ascó I and II – Vandellòs nuclear power stations), José Cabrera nuclear power station (Zorita), Pastas Gallo, and for different petrochemical companies.
  • Public entities: BSM (Municipal Services of Barcelona), different councils and hospitals.

ASINTEL has a staff of qualified technicians, industrial and telecommunications engineers on fixed contracts, all with more than two years’ experience with us. The whole of the company staff is constantly training in the area of new technologies in order to be able to offer the best solutions in every project, to be abreast of developments in the market and to provide our customers with quality services.

All of our technicians have the Installer License, TPC and the necessary training to work as safety officers on any site; they have technical training and training in prevention, both new and refresher, and receive all the additional training that we believe they need to perform their work, such as 4×4 driving, first aid, firefighting, elevator platforms, confined spaces and training in radiological protection with their corresponding Radiological License issued by the CSN (Council for Nuclear Security), to be able to carry out activities in areas under radiological control.

Since the end of 2007, the company has worked with an ERP-type platform (centralized client-server database), allowing us to share all relevant information on the projects we carry out among the different departments of the company, so that any of our technicians can consult and clarify doubts for our customers, directly from the company or from any point with an Internet connection.

All of this effort and investment serves to give our company added value and to guarantee our professionalism and quality for our customers and projects.