engineering & industry

One of the services that ASINTEL has always performed is Remote control / Supervision / Remote management of equipment and systems, by PLC, RTU or remote, radio modems, IP – 3-4G modems and control systems or SCADA. Moreover, we can perform the following tasks individually or as a whole:

  • Design and proposal of necessary equipment and system to supervise and control equipment, control panels and machines.
  • Supply of different equipment (PLC / RTU) according to the needs of the customer or of the design, proposal of different brands, if needed, and of the control or measurement interfaces.
  • Supply of system control software and equipment (SCADA).
  • Communication design, supply, installation and maintenance between different systems and equipment, via electric wire and different protocols, optic wire, 3-4G modems, radio modems, gateway and, if necessary, as we have already done in the past, manufacture of equipment that allows communication between control systems and equipment.
  • Installation and start-up of industrial equipment and systems.
  • Maintenance and improvements in the industrial equipment and systems.


Thanks to this activity, ASINTEL has also specialized in the design, manufacture, modification and installation of:

  • Low-voltage Direct Current and Alternating Current Electrical panels.
  • Genset panels.
  • Safe supply systems with UPS, battery charger and solar systems.
  • Renewable energy, home automation and smart homes.
  • Legalization of ICT, communications and electric installations.


Being specialists in Motorola remote systems has led us to participate in international projects with Radiotrans and Commtel Networks, creating projects, designs, budgets, configurations, remote (on-line assistance) and on-site works, in the scope of the energy industry.

One of the activities developed the most in recent years, together with different collaborators, has been the adaptation, improvement, substitution, configuration, settings and start-up of communication systems for CCTV and access control with FO and WiFi, for surveillance and to read vehicle registration plates.

ASINTEL is also registered and certified in:

  • CETIB (Guild of industrial technical engineers of Barcelona) with number 2056.
  • REAS (companies certified to carry out/perform work in the construction area) with number 09000032696.
  • REIE (electricity installer companies) and the RASIC (industrial security agents of Catalonia) with number 005000302.
  • REIC (industrial companies of Catalonia) with number 000308236.

Since 2010, ASINTEL has formed part of different groups of companies in the civil engineering sector. We have thus expanded our distribution and services to different market areas, giving an ever more global service thanks to the knowledge and the work of leading companies in the sector, with highly qualified professionals.

So many years in the sector have allowed us to collaborate with different companies and distributors, and now we can offer technical services from level 1 (field technical service), to level 3 (direct contact with manufacturer), and offer global services as partners of different technologies.