Throughout these years, we have worked directly for communications operators and companies such as CELLNEX TELECOM (Abertis Telecom), AXIÓN, BT (British Telecom), ALPI (Orange), ADAM, etc., and for large energy companies such as FECSA-ENHER, GAS NATURAL, IBERDROLA, and ENDESA-ENEL.

Nowadays, our main customer is CELLNEX TELECOM, with whom we perform different tasks related to Telecommunications in general (radio and TETRA maintenance, radio link installations, structured cabling, etc.), remote control (remote maintenance, design, supply and installation of different monitoring equipment, programming, etc.), and Electric / Industrial systems (design, supply and installation of electrical panels, genset panels, etc.), working with different departments and locations.

Our other main customers include the Ascó I and II and Vandellòs II nuclear plants, with which we have been carrying out telecommunications engineering tasks for more than 25 years, providing ICT services, supplies, installations and start-ups of different communication systems. Nowadays, we perform part of this work in collaboration with Cellnex Telecom. We have different maintenance contracts for different systems, such as radio (licensed radio links, TETRA, PMR, DMR…), SCADA and remote control (Moscad and ACE Motorola remotes, Logitek, Omron PLC, PC Embedded Beckhoff), Satellite, intercoms and CCTV.

We also work for distributors / collaborators that need our services, and other customers. For example:

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